Christian Activity Pages
Bible Concentration Game Cards
Excellent Tool For Teaching Bible Truths
3 game card sets per page
Cut them out and tape or glue them to a 3" X 5" index card
ABC's Alphabet

Joseph's coat of many colors coloring page

Joseph gathering the grain coloring page

Joseph's dream about the sheaves bowing to his coloring page

Joseph's dream of the sun, moon, and 11 eleven stars coloring page

Joseph sold by his brothers coloring page

Joseph's 10 brothers return Joseph's coat to Jacob coloring page

Joseph and Potiphar coloring page

Joseph in jail (prison) coloring page

Joseph, the prince of Egypt coloring page

Chief cupbearer and chief baker sentenced to prison coloring page

Joseph interprets dreams of chief cupbearer and baker coloring page

Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dreams coloring page

Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dreams coloring page #2

Joseph reveals himself to his brothers coloring page

Joseph reveals himself to his brothers coloring page #2

Joseph coloring pages
For Christian Educator's Of Young Children
Picture Bible Story
Printable Flash Card Bible Stories
Jesus Heals A Man Born Blind Flash Card Set

Activity page to go with the story of Jesus heals the blind man - PDF

Parable Of The Good Samaritan Flash Card Set

Parable Of The Lost Sheep and Let The Little Children Come To Me Flash Card Set

Parable Of The Prodigal Son Flash Card Set

Jesus And The Woman At The Well Flash Card Set

Jesus' Encounter With Zacchaeus Flash Card Set

Jesus' Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem and Jesus Death On The Cross Flash Card Set

Jesus' Resurrection Flash Card Set
Printable Certificates / Award Certificates
Sunday School perfect attendance award certificate

Certificate of achievement award (Red)

Certificate of achievement award (Black)

Baptism certificate plain white background

Baptism certificate light blue background

Certificate award - Memorizing Psalm 23

Certificate award - Memorizing the 10 ten commandments

Certificate award - Memorizing all 39 books of the Old Testament

Certificate award - Memorizing all 27 books of the New Testament

Certificate award - Memorizing all 66 books of the Bible
Lighthouse Coloring Pages
Lighthouse Psalm 27:1 coloring page

Lighthouse John 8:12 coloring page

Matt 5:16 Lighthouse coloring page

Dot to dot lighthouse activity page

Lighthouse Psalm 27:1 Coloring Pages

Lighthouse John 8:12 coloring page

This little light of mine coloring page
Lesson quizzes, coloring pages, and
activities from the book of Exodus
Printable Crafts
Exodus chapter 1 lesson quiz - Didn't Know Joseph

Exodus chapter 2 lesson quiz - The Birth of Moses

Baby in a basket - Work the math problems to solve the puzzle

Moses river activity Exodus 2

Exodus chapter 3 lesson quiz - The Burning Bush

Exodus chapter 4 lesson quiz - Moses' Mission

Exodus chapter 5 lesson quiz - Israel's Labor Increases

Exodus Chapter 6 lesson quiz - God Promises Action

Exodus Chapter 7 lesson quiz - Troubles Begin For Egypt

Exodus Chapter 7  1 plague Water turned to blood coloring page

Exodus Chapter 8 lesson quiz - Frogs and insects

Exodus 8:1 - 15 The plague of frogs coloring page

Exodus 8:1 - 15 The plague of frogs coloring page #2

Exodus 8:1 - 15 Frog dot to dot activity

Exodus 8:16 -32 The plague of lice coloring page

The fourth plague - Plague of flies coloring page

Exodus Chapter 9 lesson quiz - Cattle, boils, and hail

The sixth plague - The plague of boils coloring page

Exodus 9:1 - 7 The plague on cattle coloring page

Exodus 9:18 - 35 The plague of hail coloring page

Exodus Chapter 10 lesson quiz - Locusts and darkness over the land

Exodus 10:1 - 20 The plague of locusts coloring page

Exodus 10:21 - 29 The plague of darkness coloring page

Exodus Chapter 11 lesson quiz - The last plague

Exodus 11 The last plague - The Lord's Passover coloring page

Exodus 11 The last plague - The Lord's Passover coloring page

Exodus Chapter 12 lesson quiz - Passover and the exodus

The Exodus maze activity

The wilderness journey - Route to the promised land map

The 10 plagues fill in the blanks lesson activity
Prayer calendar craft

Praise rock craft

Jesus necklace craft

10 kids fun crafts

Family prayer jar craft

Hands around the world craft

Beads, colors, and salvation craft

Tree of thankfulness craft --- Leaves to the tree

Noah's ark craft                      View PDF

God made me craft                  View PDF

Butterfly baptism craft

Palm cross craft

Mats of healing Mark 2:1-13 paralytic healed craft

I'm a disciple craft (for girl)

I'm a disciple craft (for boy)

Crossing the Jordan River craft

Advent wreath craft

Joshua Jericho - cardboard trumpets craft

Achan story cube craft

The sun stands still for Joshua craft

Chain of slavery craft

Built on the word of God house craft

Kite craft

Zacchaeus craft

Cut and paste the pictures of holy week events, placing them in their proper order

Designed by the Lowery Family - Jacob and Esau crafts
Old Testament Crossword and Word Search Puzzles
New Testament Crossword and Word Search Puzzles
John 1:1-14 In the beginning word search

The Good Samaritan word search puzzle

The Holy Spirit word search puzzle

The Lord's prayer word search puzzle

Lord's pray crossword puzzle

Feeding the 5000 word search

Genealogy of Jesus word search

Who is Jesus word search

Good Shepherd word search puzzle

Christ is risen word search puzzle

Jesus appears to His followers word search puzzle

People in the New Testament word search puzzle

New Testament books of the Bible word search puzzle

Jesus and Nicodemus word search puzzle

Jesus and the woman at the well word search puzzle

John 3:16 word search puzzle

Peter in prison crossword puzzle Acts 12:1-19

The twelve disciples word find puzzle

The twelve disciples crossword puzzle

Jesus is tempted word search

Beatitudes word search puzzle

Parable of the sower crossword puzzle

Jesus' transfiguration crossword puzzle

Jesus' transfiguration word search puzzle

Jesus' parable the unforgiving servant crossword puzzle

Parable the unforgiving servant word search puzzle

Jesus' parable of the 10 virgins crossword puzzle

Jesus' parable of the 10 virgins word search puzzle

Cross of Jesus word search puzzle

Jesus calm a storm word search puzzle

Lost and found word search puzzle

Jesus' resurrection John 21 word search puzzle

The first disciples crossword puzzle
In the beginning word search puzzle

Cain and Abel crossword puzzle

Isaac crossword puzzle

Joseph sold by his brothers word search

The 10 ten plagues word search puzzle

Israelites cross the Red Sea word search puzzle

The ten commandments word search puzzle

Tabernacle word search puzzle

Moses, Joshua word search puzzle

Crossing Jordan River word search

Joshua Jericho word search puzzle

Judges word search puzzle

Ruth and Naomi word search puzzle

Solomon builds the temple word search puzzle

Daniel in the lions' den crossword puzzle

Jonah and the whale crossword puzzle

Names of God word search puzzle

Old Testament books word search puzzle
Fill In The Blank Activity Lessons
12 sons of Jacob fill in the blank activity

Jacob's dream - Jacob's ladder hidden message activity page

Joshua's march fill in the blank activity

Psalm 23:1-3 fill in the blank activity page

The 12 students (disciples) fill in the blank

Matthew 5:14 - 16 light of the world fill in the blank activity

Thomas fill in the blank activity page

The rich young ruler fill in the blank activity page
Building Christian Character Activity Pages
Christian character word find puzzle

Christian character find the hidden message activity page

Christian character match the different characteristics activity page

Christian character builder - Bee a helping hand activity page

Galatians 6 helping one another activity page

How do I pray activity page

"Where are you?" activity page
Printable Prayers
The Lord's prayer

2 Printable prayers for children

Prayer door hanger
Worksheets, lessons, quizzes, connect
the dots, and activity sheets
Genesis 1:1-2:3 Creation lesson                                 Answer Key

Genesis 1:1 coloring activity

John 1:1 - 14 In the beginning was the Word lesson   Answer Key

Gen. 2:1-25 Creation of Adam and Eve lesson           Answer Key

Help Adam name the animals activity page

Can you find Adam and Eve activity page

Genesis 3:1-24 The fall of man lesson                        Answer Key

Cain and Abel Lesson                                                 Answer Key

Genesis 6:1 - 9:17 Noah's Ark lesson                         Answer Key

Noah sends out the dove connect the dots activity page

Tower of Babel lesson                                                 Answer Key

Tithing lesson                                                              Answer Key

Worksheet activity on tithing

John the Baptist - Who was he? Lesson                      Answer Key

Matthew 4:1-11 Jesus tempted lesson                         Answer Key

Sermon on the Mount - Beatitudes lesson                   Answer Key

Sermon on the Mount lesson activity

John 3:1 - 3:16 Jesus and Nicodemus lesson              Answer Key

Jesus teaches Nicodemus activity page

John 4:3-43 Jesus and the Samaritan woman lesson   Answer Key

Acts chapter 1 - 2 The birth of the church lesson         Answer Key

Day of Pentecost holy spirit given dot to dot activity

Day of Pentecost holy spirit given find the hidden message

1 Corinthians 15:3-4 Unscramble the mystery verse

A fun find the hidden message puzzle activity sheet

Tabernacle dot to dot activity page

Tabernacle (temple) interior "in detail"

Holy garment for the High Priest "in detail"

The furnace of blazing fire activity page

Let the little children come activity page

Jesus is the Good Shepherd coloring activity page

Color by letter sheep activity

Help the shepherd find his lost sheep activity page

Gideon Judges 7:20 find the hidden message

John 6:35 I am the bread of life coloring activity

Sayings of Jesus from the book of John

The ten commandments quiz

The greatest commandment mystery puzzle Mark 12:30-31

Armor of God Activity

Matthew 22:37 - Find the hidden message

Mark 8:29 Jesus asks you and me who am I activity page

Seek and you will find hidden message activity

Zaccheus the tax collector quiz

Noah's ark dot to dot

Rebekah is chosen as Isaac's wife dot to dot activity

Daniel 6:16 - Lion dot to dot activity page

Daniel in the lions den color by number

Lion coloring page

Jonah and the whale dot to dot

Jonah and the whale find the hidden pictures activity page

Jonah preaches at Nineveh activity page

Circle the picture of David that is different activity page

David and Goliath dot to dot

Joshua 4:19-24 Stones from the Jordan River activity page

Roman citizen dot to dot

Butterfly color by number

Child praying dot to dot
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Printable Bookmarks
God of wonders bookmark

My heart belongs to Jesus bookmark

The Lord's prayer bookmark

Beatitudes bookmark

Moses and the ten commandments bookmark

Psalm 23 bookmark

John 3:16 bookmark

Joshua 24:15 My house will serve the Lord bookmark

Empty tomb to prove my savior lives bookmark

Jesus loves me, I'm a child of the king bookmark

Jesus is my best friend bookmark

Go into all the world bookmark

I will passover bookmark

Girls baptism bookmark

Boys baptism bookmark
Printable Jigsaw Puzzles
Noah's ark jigsaw puzzle

The Lord's prayer jigsaw puzzle

Put Jesus in the center of your life jigsaw puzzle

James 2:23 How to be a friend of God jigsaw puzzle

Matthew 22:37 great commandment heart jigsaw puzzle

Solomon's temple jigsaw puzzle

Love your enemies jigsaw puzzle
Printable Games
Creation Matching Game (Concentration)

Nativity Matching Game (Concentration)

Jesus Bingo Game

Class activities and games lesson on our bodies
Miscellaneous Activity Sheets
A - Z Bible Memory Verses

Old Testament books of the Bible memory activity

Old Testament books of the Bible coloring activity

New Testament books of the Bible memory activity

New Testament books of the Bible coloring activity

Apostle Paul lowered in a basket activity page

Add and subtract mystery verse John 3:16 activity

Printable map of Galilee and the Sea Of Galilee

What we need to do to have eternal life activity
Jesus birth work sheets and coloring pages

Palm Sunday - Jesus death on cross - Resurrection activity and coloring

Jesus Love worksheets and coloring pages

Giving thanks to God worksheets and coloring pages
Mother's Day craft, activity pages,lessons, games, and more
Father's Day craft, activity pages,lessons, games, and more