Jesus Heals A Man Born Blind (John 9:1 - 41)
Scripture Readings: John 9:1-41
The Blind Man By The Road

When Jesus went on his way, he saw a
man blind from birth. And his disciples
put a question to him, saying, Master,
was it because of this man's sin, or the
sin of his father and mother, that he has
been blind from birth? Jesus said in
answer, It was not because of his sin,
or because of his father's or mother's; it
was so that the works of God might be
seen openly in him.
Jesus Puts Mud On The Man's Eyes

Having said these words, Jesus put
earth, mixed with water from his mouth,
on the man's eyes, And said to him, Go
and make yourself clean in the bath of
Siloam (the sense of the name is, Sent).
The Blind Man Led To The Pool

The man is sent across town to wash in
the pool of Siloam.
The Blind Man Washes In The Pool

The man is sent across town to wash in the pool of
Siloam. He must have wondered if it would work, but
he did it. The first thing he saw was his own face.
The Blind Man Came Back Able To See

The neighbours doubt that he is the
same man. He tells the story about
how the miracle happened. Then they
begin to question his parents. And his
parents reply is: "We know that this is
our son, and that he was born blind."
The Pharisees Send For The Man A Second Time

The Pharisees condemn Jesus as a
sinner and put the man out, because
the Jews had already agreed that if
anyone should confess Jesus to be the
Christ, he should be put out of the synagogue.
The Pharisees put him out of the Synagogue

In all the years nobody has ever before seen the
eyes of a man blind from birth made open. And the
Pharisees put him out of the Synagogue. Then
Jesus heard that they had put him out; and finds
him, and asks if he believes in the Son of God.
The man asked, “Who is he?” Jesus significantly
replies, “You have now seen Him, He is the one
speaking with you”. And the man said, "Lord, I
believe." And he worshiped Jesus.