These hand picked Websites will help you in your Christian ministries or church ministry. The resources found here are hand picked and have
been viewed by us personally. So, they are safe for you and your children to visit. If you know of a great Christian resource that should be in this
Christian links directory, please feel free to let us know. More sites coming soon!

Free Christian Clipart - ChristArt offers a wide variety of Christian/Religious
Art: clipart, books, poetry, and wallpapers.

Christian Computer Clipart  
Thousands of downloadable images for Christian teaching, preaching and

Gospel Gifs
Original Christian graphics and clipart.

Young Disciple Online
Online Christian resources for kids and teens! Witnessing ideas, and youth
can Ask a Question.... Give an Answer.... See What Others Have To Say!

Kids Health has doctor-approved articles, animations, games, and
resources to help kids learn more about their bodies and stay healthy. Clipart
Christian computer clipart
Gospel Gifs
Youth Disciple Kids - Teens
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Kids Health
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Kids Stuff
Guide Magazine
Kid Stuff  
From New Tribes Missions, Read missionary stories and play the games
that go with them. You’ll discover it’s fun -- and easy -- to be part of God’s
plan to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Guide Magazine
A site for tweens based on a magazine designed for Christian kids. The site
features fun games, videos, and polls. It is very user friendly and