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Christian Easter Coloring Pages and Easter Activities
The Last Supper Coloring page - Jesus Eats The
Passover meal With The 12 Disciples Coloring Page
Welcome to the Calvary Kids Pages - Easter activity pages of our site. Feel free to browse through the rest of our site,
where you will find other fun activities for kids and teens.
Dot to Dot (connect the
dots) Bunny
Happy Easter
Lamb and Wolf
Dot to Dot
Color By Number
Easter Egg
"See what love the Father
has given, that we should
be called children of God"
1 John 3:1 coloring page.
For God so loved the world
John 3:16 coloring activity pages
It's hard to keep a good
man down poster.
Blessed is the king who
comes in the name of the
Lord coloring page
Love bears all things, believes
all things, endues all things 1
Corinthians 13:7 coloring page
Lord's Supper coloring page
Jesus passover meal with disciples
bunny rabbit dot to dot
lamb and wolf dot to dot
Easter egg color by number
Easter maze
Easter Mazes - Bunny Mazes - Basket Mazes
Easter bunny maze
Easter egg maze
Children of God
Easter poster
John 3:16 and butterflies
John 3:16 coloring page
1 Corinthians 13:7 Love
Jesus' triumphal entry
The disciple's bring Jesus
the donkey coloring page
Jesus' trial
Jesus praying in garden
Jesus praying Garden of Gethsemane
King of kings code breaker activity page
A friend is coloring page
Butterfly color by number activity coloring page
Color by number cross activity page
Easter egg maze
Easter eggs maze
Dot to dot bunny
Pooh Bear easter coloring page
Duck hatching from egg coloring page
Happy Easter coloring page
Happy Easter eggs coloring page

Christ's Crucifixion coloring pages
Behold the Lamb of God coloring page
Jesus carrying the cross coloring page
Jesus falls to the ground coloring page
Jesus on the cross coloring page
Cross coloring page 1
Cross coloring page 2
Connect the dots cross activity page
Jesus taken down from the cross coloring page
Jesus loves me coloring page
The Guards placed at Jesus' tomb coloring page
Mary, the first to see Jesus coloring page
Two Mary's at Jesus' tomb coloring page
The empty tomb (Resurrection) coloring page
He is risen coloring page
Thomas doubts coloring page
Palm Sunday coloring page 2
Palm Sunday coloring page 3
Christ's ascension coloring page
Jesus praying in the Garden of
Gethsemane coloring page
Jesus on trial before
Pilate coloring page
Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords
Jesus the resurrection
John 11:25 Behold, I am the
resurrection and the life
coloring page
Judas Iscariot the betrayer
Matthew 26:14-16 Judas
Iscariot sells Jesus for 30
pieces of silver coloring
Jesus' burial
John 19:38-42 Joseph and
Nicodemus prepare Jesus
body for burial and carry
Jesus body to the tomb
coloring page
The accounts of these Bible story coloring pages
can be found in the four gospels, Matthew, Mark,
Luke, and John and the first chapter of Acts.

On this page and in other parts of this website you will find fun easter activity pages for young children, kids, preteens, teens, and adults. You will find these Palm Sunday
coloring pages, Palm Sunday activity pages, Easter resources, Easter story coloring pages, Christian Easter coloring pages, Christian Easter activity pages, Easter crafts,
and Easter puzzles to be useful for your nursery children,,preschool children, kindergarten children, 1st grade children and up, Sunday school class, children's church, kids
club, Vacation Bible School, easter egg hunts, children's ministry, kids church programs, and your midweek youth ministries.
Printing Tips
Palm Cross Craft

Easter kite craft

The Colors That Lead To
Salvation Cross Craft
Using 6 colored beads to
make a cross, bracelet,
bookmark, or key chain,
and then explain the steps
to salvation through the
colors to a friend.
Jesus step by step to the cross-map lesson
From the last supper to the cross and resurrection.
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Why did Jesus die on the cross line maze
Garden of Gethsemane maze
Christ has risen maze
The Last Supper jigsaw puzzle
Cut and paste the pictures and put them in order
as they happened. From Palm Sunday to the
cross and resurrection.
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