Picture Bible Story For Kids - Jesus' Triumphal Entry (Palm Sunday), Last Supper And Death On The Cross
Scripture Readings: Matthew 21:1 – 9, and  26:14 - 27:52
Two Disciples Sent

Jesus sent two disciples, Saying to
them, "Go into town and straight away
you will see a colt with a cord round
her neck, and a young one with her;
let them loose and come with them to me."
The King Of Kings

And the disciples went and did as Jesus had given
them orders, And got the colt and the young one,
and put their clothing on them, and he took his
seat on it. And all the people put their clothing
down in the way; and others got palm branches
from the trees, and put them down in the way. And
those who went before him, and those who
came after, gave loud cries, saying, Glory to the
Son of David: A blessing on him who comes in the
name of the Lord: Glory in the highest.
A Week Later

Now when evening was come, he was
seated at table with the twelve
disciples;  And while they were taking
food, he said, Truly I say to you that one
of you will be false to me.  And they
were very said, and said to him, one by
one, Is it I, Lord? And Judas, who was
false to him, made answer and said, Is it
I, Master? He says to him, Yes.
The Cup And Bread

And when they were taking food, Jesus
took bread and, after given thanks, he
gave the broken bread to the disciples
and said, Take eat; this is my body. And
he took a cup and, having given
thanks, he gave it to them, saying,
Take and drink, all of you, for this is my
blood of the new covenant, which is
poured out for many  for the
forgiveness of sins.
Let Us Pray

And after a song of praise to God, they
went out to the Mountain of Olives.
Then comes Jesus with them to a
place named Gethsemane, and says to
his disciples, Be seated here, while I
go over there for prayer.
The Betrayer Comes

And while he was still talking, Judas,
one of the twelve, came, and with him
a band armed with swords and sticks,
from the chief priests and those in
authority over the people. Then all his
disciples went from him in flight. And
those who had made Jesus prisoner
took him away to the house of
Caiaphas, the high priest, where the
scribes and those in authority over the
people had come together.

Now when it was morning, all the chief
priests and those in authority took
thought together with the purpose of
putting Jesus to death. And they put
cords on him and took him away, and
gave him up to Pilate, the ruler. Pilate
says to them, What, then, am I to do with
Jesus, who is named Christ? They all say,
Let him be put to death on the cross. And
he said, Why, what evil has he done? But
they gave loud cries, saying, crucify him!
After having Jesus whipped and other
types of torture, he gave him up to be
put to death on the cross.
Peter Denies Knowing Jesus

Now Peter was seated in the open
square outside the house: and a
servant-girl came to him, saying, You
were with Jesus. But Peter said I have
no knowledge of what you say. And
after a little time those who were near
came and said to Peter, you are one of
his disciples. Then with curses and
oaths he said, I have no knowledge of
the man. And straight away there came
the cry of a rooster. And the word of
Jesus came back to Peter, when he
said, Before the hour of the rooster's
cry, you will deny knowing me three times.
It Is Finished!

When they had put him on the cross,
they made division of his clothing
among them by the decision of chance.
And they were seated there watching
him. And they put up over his head the
statement of his crime in writing, THIS
Jesus gave a final loud cry, and gave
up his spirit. And the curtain of the
Temple was parted in two from end to
end; and there was an earthquake and
the skies became dark.