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These hand picked Websites will help you in your Christian ministries or church ministry. The resources found here are
hand picked and have been viewed by us personally. So, they are safe for you and your children to visit. If you know of a
great Christian resource that should be in this Christian links directory, please feel free to let us know.

Sunday School Printable Pages
Behind the pages of this index are a rich library of printable resources for
your children's church, Sunday school, preschool, nursery, and youth
ministry. You will find printable resources for about every Bible story in the
Old Testament and New Testament. Resources like: Coloring pages, crafts,
devotions, puzzles, mazes, Sunday school lessons, Bible stories, maps,
ideas, lyrics, music, drama,  and other fun printable Bible learning activities.

Calvary Kids Pages
Children's Christian printable Bible coloring pages, printable mazes,
crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, children's printable educational
activity pages and worksheets, online games, and more!

Jesus Without Language
Free Christian based children's resources, games, crafts, worksheets,
full lessons, and more. Featuring the bible heroes, cartoon
characters that teach the attributes of a God filled life.

Bible For Children
Bible For Children exists to make Jesus Christ known to children.

Children's Ministry
"Children's Ministry resources, free lessons, crafts, devotions and more to
help pastors, kids, volunteers, and teachers share the love of Jesus Christ."

Psalty's Kids
Psalty travels all around the world telling kids about how much God loves

Free Christian Content  
This website is designed to assist Christian webmasters in locating suitable
free content for their web sites.

JC Play Zone
JC Play Zone is safe online fun for children of all ages!

Cool Text Maker
Make cool 3D text for your website.

Kids Answer, powered by: Answers in Genesis  
Watch Pilgrim's Progress Videos

Wonderzone is where children can come to find out more about God's
Word and how it applies to their lives.

Kids Answer, powered by Answers in Genesis
Printable activities for teaching on creation in the book of Genesis.

Offering funny riddles, educative stories accompanied by beautiful
illustrations, information about animals by means of short rhymes and
illustrations, an illustrated alphabet that parents or teachers can print, and
coloring pages grouped by themes.

Cackleberries - A Safe Place to Play for fun and games online
Cackleberries and Oville is where children of all ages come to find their
favourite characters, play games, complete craft projects, watch videos,
listen to and create music, advance their reading...

Children's ministry resources
Free Christian material
Psalty's Kids Company
Free Christian website content
Pilgrim's Progress
JC Play Zone
Bible for children
Cool text and logo creator
Printable activities for teaching Genesis
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Wonder Zone

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