Awesome website and ministries: God Bless your ministries and your
Church.  I was surfing the net looking for sites to send my web address. I was so
impressed  with your ministries and web site that I have spend about a half hour on
it. What a great job!  Mike,

Your Web Pages: Hey awesome site!!!!!
My family has been on it all day.  Playing games and listening to the music.  Great
job! This site fits my entire family ( Dad, Mom, 18, 15,10,4).  Keep up the great
Dooms family

Calvary Kids: Just emailing to say a great big thank you! My spine was damaged
several years ago and I was told that I would never work again, so I started working
with children in different churches. Now I am invited into churches to do summer
missions with them I also help out at the local Boys Brigade where I help with 5-8
year olds and I have been trying to put together an activities book and have found
your website to be the best I have ever come across. So I would like to thank and
praise you for the work and effort you put in to getting Gods word to children.
God Bless your whole team.
Regards Bruce

A very blessed good night, My name is George Francis; a primary/elementary
school teacher, Sunday School teacher, preacher, youth worker, poet etc.
I came across your site while searching for material for my church's
VBS during the summer, and want to extend sincerest thanks and God's
blessings to you on the assistance you have provided for those young ones at my
church, Chalky Mount Wesleyan Holiness Church, St. Andrew, Barbados.
I am passing your website on to another young Christian teacher who
will be teaching Science at my school during the next term.
May the work you are doing continue to prosper, in Jesus' name!
Your's in Christ,   Bro. George (Francis)

Dear Calvary Baptist Church, I just wanted to send you a thank you email for
your website!!  My husband has recently been appointed as a student pastor of a
tiny church in the North-West of England - we only have 26 members.  Four
children of very different ages come most Sundays and although my husband and I
have done quite a bit of youth work in the past, we've never attempted children's
work and so I was completely at a loss as to what to do with these children
to help them during our Sunday services.  The resources on your site have
helped me tremendously in putting together some good teaching and fun
stuff for them to do and learn more about God. I wanted to encourage you in your
work, and say thank you very much in helping our ministry 'across the pond'!!
Yours Gratefully, Helen Gilbert

Thanks from Prattville, AL:  I want to thank you for your site. This will be one of
my favorites!!  May God continue to bless your work for Him.

Hi, I'm Evan. I'm a seventh grader in a large middle school. I was asked to lead the
wed. morning bible studies! Yikes! Ideas please! This site so helped me get it
figured out! I knew that a pumpkin had the stuff I needed...but this site helped fine
tune it! Thank you so much! This site is now in my favorites!
Your friend in Christ. Evan

To GOD be the Gloria for your Website!
I am glad I found your website. The abundant resources for Christian
children activities are wonderful. Hallelujah! Joann, North Carolina

Thank you for the many and varied Christmas colouring in, dot to dot etc. I found
on your web site for small children. I am emailing you from Adelaide, South
Australia, Australia.  My husband spent a year in New Jersey in 1993 and our
children and I joined him for a short time.  While on a tour of parts of Canada, and
the USA we spent a night in Williamsport on our way from Niagara Falls to
Washington. We belong to a Baptist Church in Adelaide and I am a Sunday School
teacher of 4 - 6 year olds. Once again thank you for the downloads.
Mrs. Rainsford

Good Afternoon, My name is Christina and I am the Assistant Nursery
Coordinator at Faith Assembly of God in Orlando Florida. I found your website while
on the Internet looking for Bible Coloring pages. My supervisor and I have been
looking all around your website today ever since. We just wanted to take the time
out to say what a wonderful blessing it was and will be. We have already
bookmarked it and have it saved to our favorites at home as well. Thank you so
much. Christina, Asst. Nursery Coordinator - Faith Assembly of God.

Amazing! Oh would that all Christians were so devoted to quality as you.
What a website!  Walt M.

I came upon your website accidentally. Love it!! Listen to the music all day at
work. Love the "kids pages" for my grand kids. Good job! and thanks! Beth C.,
Tampa, Florida

May the Lord bless you richly for allowing this site to be available. I was looking
for Christian puzzle or crossword to send to a little friend far away to keep her busy
during this holiday and that was how I found this. So rich, so filling, so beautiful.
God bless you for being a blessing. Truly may the scripture become true for you -
He that waters will be watered.    Iryn

Love Your Site!!     Ron B.

Your website is awesome!!  I go to the Calvary Chapel of the White Mountains in
Arizona. I found your page to be able to use things to help teach my Sunday School
class. Thanks again for a beautiful site and for helping my kid's that I teach from
where you are.    Jamie T.

Dear Calvary Website Administrator, I live in a small, rural town in Arizona and
teach Sunday school at our church. I purchased some curriculum on my own (our
church has a very limited budget right now), but I couldn't afford to purchase the
accompanying packets that went along with each lesson plan. So, I often need
supplemental material for my class. That is where your website comes in. I have
often found supplemental materials I can use for my 5 & 6 year olds on your site
and I really appreciate you making it available to the public free of charge.
Thank you for your ministry.  May God continue to bless your efforts.
Sincerely, Kay Haas

Hi, this site is the funest site i ever been on! Every time I go on the computer i will
go to this site. Love, Angel

I love this site, Its awesome!!! Jesse Ackerman

Great site - This is one of the best sites I have found! I take Junior Church, and
run a Christian after school club. We have a lot of fun, and some of your pages will
be most useful, thank you! I am in Hertfordshire in England
God Bless from Victoria

I really appreciate the website - it's a fabulous resource for kids/teens
activities.  I run a youth session in our local Anglican church near to Manchester in
the UK, so thought you'd be interested to know that your work is having an impact
quite a long way from home! Thank you and God bless! Beverley

This is an awesome website! My husband is a youth leader at our
church and this has a lot of great activities. Thank you and God bless! Tina

So glad I found a website for both my daughter and I to have fun and learn with.  
Blessings Melody

What a wonderful way to share God's word with children
everywhere! Keep up the good work. Mary Fritz

Thank You for your contribution of spreading the Gospel of
Jesus Christ to children all over. Pastor Frank

I've been searching for such a site as yours for sometime
now. THANKS, Angela

I love this web site! I just happen to be on here looking for
mazes and it is great. Love it! Melissa Epperly

Your church will be blessed because you are being a blessing
to us.  We are small and struggling and this is just what we needed. Thank You!

Love the Site  Monica

I just wanted to write a note of thanks... I printed a ton of pages from your
awesome web site for the children in our church. The site is a super cool resource.
Thank you so much for making it available! Rose Timberlake (Senior Pastor's Wife)

I LOVE your website, thank you so much!! I am a parent that was asked to teach
a class of youngsters in church and wanted something extra for them.  Thank you
soo much, I can't wait to tell the other parents about your site!! God bless!
Rhonda Chernish

I just wanted to let you all know how wonderful your website is!  Several months
ago I began working with the preteens in my small country church - your website
has been so helpful - a real blessing!  Thank you all so much - it's great!
Karan Kirkham - Choudrant, Louisiana

My husband and I are missionaries in Scotland and while
looking for some resources for our Sunday school, I came across your
website. All I can say is, God bless you! What a great service you are
providing for children all over the world. Thank you!! Shellie

This is the first time I have been here. I have really enjoyed this site. I am a
Christian and I am always looking for new places for my 17 year old daughter to go
to on the net. I'll tell her about this one.  God Bless and Thanks, Tracie

Pretty cool website, keep up the good work.  Ricky

Your sight is about the best kid's website I have found. Great job!
Pastor Mark Teets, Community Bible Church - Mayville, NY  14757

Calvary Kids is an awesome site!  It's so powerful.
Mark Cox, Sunday School Printables www.sundayschoolprintables.com

My husband and I both work at our church. I'm in the children's ministries and
we are foster parents and are always looking for resources for our children. What a
great website!   Linda Dangler

I want to compliment your organization on its wonderful pages for kids.  I
just printed up many coloring pages for my son and it was so refreshing to find
some that weren't caricatures or designed for very young children but were
beautifully rendered. I've bookmarked your site to utilize other features of the kids'
pages in the near future.   Trudy Hibler

Thank you for your printables... We enjoy this material. The children at Good
Shepherd in Casselberry, Florida all say thanks!  Iris, Florida

Hi there,  I have just come across your fantastic website while finishing preparing
for Sunday school tomorrow.  I am extremely impressed with the amount of great
stuff you have crammed onto your website. I am a Sunday school teacher of
children aged from 4-5 years and have found some great resources on your
website. I will be emailing your great site to the Sunday school leader so that she
may use your fantastic resources. Keep up the fantastic work and may God bless
you abundantly. Regards, Pauline Worthington (Living Waters Elim Pentecostal
Church, Chorley, Lancashire, England)

I enjoy your website and the children in my class at church do also.
Thank you, Rebecca

Thanks for making all of these Wonder Full activities and such available!!
This site is now at the top of my list for Great activities for our Sunday school
class!  I hope you will continue to add more things.  I will pray that God blesses you
all with
more material.  I would love to see coloring books of stories from the bible and
themes from the bible.  I am going to use a combination of these sheets and let the
kids make their own activity books for during the week to help them keep Jesus
close in their hearts & thoughts. Something else that would be great would be
theme books about situations that kids face and how to deal with them in Christ.
Such as friendship, fights, making up, when a loved one/pet dies.  Kind of like the
tithing sheets you did, teaching good behavior, manners, christian character shown
in real life situations. I am sure they will love it, they just eat these activities up.  PS
thanks for the music, it just hits the spot, everyone of them!!  God Bless, a thankful
Mom and SS teacher!!  Annie Beechum

I have found your site being very useful for coloring pages for my Sunday
school class, I'm always printing off pages that go with along with our Bible lesson
each week. I love this site so much. There have only been a few times where I have
not been able to find what I'm looking for. Mostly because it's for younger kids, but I
have still found several that work great for my Sunday school class room. Thank
you so much for having so many coloring pages!Sara  South Dakoda

Dear Calvary Kids,
I just want to thank you for all the work it took you to get all this information
collected so people like me can use this material to teach other kids.  I'm a
missionary serving the Lord in Romania.  And it has been wonderful having this
website to come up with pictures and things for the kids to color to go with the
stories I am teaching them. Thank you again.  And may God Bless!     Brenda Smith

I just found your website, it's great for the kids and the teens.
Thanks so much, Margie Lanchester

I stumbled across your website and was very impressed with its content.
Great games for kids to try as well as delivering a positive message.
So a big thank you for developing such a comprehensive website and I
will be back visiting soon. So a BIG thank you from me, over here in Dorset
England.  Lee

Big Kids - Hello!  I work in an assisted-living facility and use your sight on a
monthly basis to print out written activities to use with our Bible study--the residents
really enjoy looking up the answers to the questions and doing the puzzles, etc. So
thanks for a great website and know that you are reaching a wider audience than
you may have thought!! Jenna L. Assisted Living at Silver Creek

I wanted to take time out to thank you for this website. I couldn't have found a
more Perfect Site. I'm Stephanie Holts, Youth Coordinator @ St. Mary's United
Methodist Church in Potts Camp Mississippi. Your site has helped me and our
Children's Coordinator, Tasha High, SO SO SO much. We are such a small church
but we have big hearts and we are trying to show our children the right way, the fun
way, and your site is a perfect way to get us going on Thursday nights and Sunday
schooling. Like I said earlier, I just wanted to take time out and let you know that
your work is appreciated by many!!!!! We did a
Google search for printable
coloring bible pages and we found your site. Thank you again for posting it.  

I just wanted to thank you for such a good job you’ve done on the website.  I’m
working as the church secretary at Zion Lutheran Church in Guyton, GA.  My duties
include finding coloring pages for children to color as “quiet pages” during church.  
Thanks for making my job a little easier. Gail T.

Just wanted to drop a quick note, to say thank you so much for your kids page,
printables. It's exactly what I was looking for Saturday night, for Sunday school.  
Now, I need a few things for this Wednesday night, and next Sunday morning. This
was so perfect!!! Thanks for your hard work and allowing me to print!!! Terrie from


I just wanted you to know your website is so very helpful to me almost each
month as I prepare for teaching our Sunday School class. I teach a special needs
class for adults at Central Baptist in Oak Ridge, TN.  I found your site through a
search a few months back.  I just printed some coloring pages featuring Moses for
our August activities. Our folks love to color. A coloring page that applies to the
lesson is just so much better in getting across the point of the lesson. Keep up the
good work. You are a shining light!!! Bob Shipley

Just to appreciate the good works on your site. God bless you for the timely
and helpful resources. Toyin O. from the Republic of Ireland

My name is Libbie Seaton. My husband and I are missionaries here in Ghana ,
West Africa , with an organization called The Rafiki Foundation. We live on a village
that holds an orphanage, school, medical clinic and missionary housing. I teach
school and my husband is the village accountant and plant manager. I teach
several grades, 2 of which are 1st and 2nd grade and I teach them Bible class. My
resources are very limited here in Ghana, so when I have good  Internet
connections I try to find something online. I discovered your website a few months
ago and I must tell you it has been the BEST resource for me to use. I have used
activities, coloring pages, flash cards  -so many things. I want to thank whoever in
your church who has maintained your website and put these resources on there for
teachers like us. May God bless your church and again, I am so grateful for the
incredible website for teaching resources. God has been so good to help me find
the things I need to teach and this website is always my first stop! Libbie

To Whomever invented the Calvary Kids Website and to the Padre of the
Calvary Baptist Church I would like to say what a beautiful site you have put on the
Web. It is truly beautiful! Congratulations. All the hard work has been worth the
effort. I would also like to say ‘Thank you’ for allowing folk like me to print out
certain flash cards and pictures. The privilege is much appreciated. Thank you. I
am what the Catholic Church calls a Catechist in the Parish at which I worship --- a
voluntary, but trained Scripture Teacher. I take two 3rd grade classes, each of 26
and 30 children, one class each in two of the local Primary Schools (Elementary
Schools) each week. I use some of your pictures to assist me in telling the Bible
stories in the two school Scripture classes I do each week. Thank you again, Jenny

Hi. I work with special needs people from the age of 10-80"s. I was hoping you
folks may have a sales book that which I can buy some of your items. I enjoy your
web site and have used some of the items. I hope that you can help me. Thanks!   
George Burgess

Appreciate your website very much & use it often.  Thank you!  Nancy P.

Greetings from Queensland, Australia. We came upon your site looking for
colouring pages on the Internet and we use your colouring pages teaching school
children about our Christian religion. My wife and I are volunteer RE Teachers at a
State School teaching third grade children(eight year olds) and with many others of
all Christian faiths, as well as Catholics, in association with The Council for
Christian Education in Schools, in every State Primary School in Australia for one
hour per week during the whole year. Your colouring pages have made our work so
much easier and we tell every one of the RE Teachers in our district we know,
about your website. Our RE Teachers cover all grades at primary school.   We are
really grateful to your Church for this website. All God's blessings to you. Thank
you so much. Ainsley Thomson

Thank-you for your great site, you have put so much work into it. I am a Catholic
but i have no problem with the content. Thanks again, Mrs Stella Little. Ireland

Thanks you so much for the printable coloring pages.  I find that coloring
helps to keep my 4th to 6th grade students quiet (less tapping on the tables and
such) during our Bible story and still allows for interaction.  What a blessing your
website has been!Thank you, Debbie Mark

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your site! You are an invaluable
tool in helping me plan my Sunday School lessons for my 1st and 2nd grade class. I
am sending this to you from Two Rivers, Wisconsin but I am originally from Lock
Haven, PA ( your neighbor) - I found your site by accident ( well, not really, God
brought me to you). God has richly blessed your ministry in enabling you to reach
so many. Thank you so much. I will pray for your continued blessings and THANK
YOU for all the wonderful resources you make available . LuAnn Myers, WI

Hello! I really like what you have made available through your Calvary Kids
website.  It is so refreshing to have a site for kids to turn to that is safe and fun!  
And you make it so nice for teachers, etc. to print out games, coloring pages and
other activities.  Thank you!    Wendy Wharem

I echo all of the other positive comments I just read regarding your site.
God definitely led me to your website (I just stumbled upon it) and I cannot believe
all of the wonderful resources you have made available. I am new to teaching Bible
class but feel it is an awesome responsibility...many of the young people I am
teaching have never spent much time in church and are starting from virtually no
understanding of God's word. Your activities and ideas are so inviting and fun...just
what is needed to engage the kinds of kids I am trying to work with....I have
searched other sites and visited bookstores for activities (and have found things
here and there). Your site, however, has absolutely everything I am looking for.
You are a true blessing to share with those of us committed to sharing Jesus with
our children. Thank you! Michelle Miller, Memphis, TN

Hi, We are just recently starting to use the Calvary Kids Pages.
Thank you so much for the labor in preparing such a site... I know it must have
taken..and still does take...countless hours. I will pray for you all to be strengthened
by His Spirit in the inner person(s). Please continue to pray for those who use the
pages that His Spirit will bring forth fruit. Thank you again, The Overhoff Family

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