Family Prayer Jar



Family Prayer Jar

A fun, easy way to pray with your family.

Take an empty jar with a screw top lid. You may want to decorate it or leave it plain.  Keep the jar somewhere that everyone in your family will see every day. Leave some small pieces of paper (such as post-it notes) and a pen nearby. Whenever anyone in the family thinks of something to pray about, he or she writes it down and puts it in the jar.

Set aside a family prayer time each day.

Take turns taking a slip of paper out of the jar and praying about that thing. You may begin your prayer by saying: 

Dear Jesus, we have so many things to thank you for. (Next, name a few things you are happy about.)  We thank you for our family, our friends, and for the people we saw today etc..  Please hear our prayers today:  (then read the slips of paper you took out of the jar -- take out just one slip at a time, or have each person take one).

End your prayer by saying the Lord's Prayer together and all saying AMEN together.



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